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Administrative Misconduct: Understand what it is and its consequences

Administrative misconduct is a topic of great relevance in the scope of administrative law. In this article, we will address the concept, the consequences and the best known cases related to this theme.

What is administrative misconduct?

Administrative misconduct is a set of illicit acts performed by public agents against the principles of public administration, such as honesty, morality and legality. These acts can occur in both the scope of the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary.

This practice is considered a crime against public administration and is provided for in the Administrative Misconduct Law (Law No. 8,429/1992). It aims to combat corruption and ensure transparency and efficiency in public management.

Consequences of Administrative Misconduct

The consequences of administrative misconduct are serious and can affect both the public agent and society as a whole. Among the main consequences, we can highlight:

  1. Loss of civil service;
  2. Suspension of political rights;
  3. Payment of fine;
  4. prohibition to contract with the public power;
  5. civil and criminal liability;
  6. damage to the public purse;
  7. Repair of damage caused;

In addition, administrative misconduct can also generate negative repercussions on the image of the public agent and the institution in which he is inserted.

Famous cases of administrative misconduct

Administrative misconduct is a recurring problem in Brazil and several famous cases have already been tried. An example is the case of former President Fernando Collor de Mello, who suffered impeachment in 1992 on accusations of corruption and embezzlement of public resources.

Another known case is that of Operation Lava Jato, which revealed a corruption scheme involving politicians, entrepreneurs and public agents. This operation resulted in the arrest of several people and the recovery of billions of diverted reais.

how to report cases of administrative misconduct?

If you are aware of any administrative misconduct, it is important to report that the appropriate measures are taken. The complaint can be made to the Public Prosecution Service, the Court of Auditors or the Comptroller General of the Union.

It is essential to present detailed tests and information on the case, so that the investigation can be performed efficiently.


Administrative misconduct is a serious problem that affects public administration and society as a whole. It is important to combat this practice and ensure transparency and efficiency in the management of public resources. Reporting cases of misconduct is fundamental for justice to be done and for those responsible to be punished.


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