Article 5


When we talk about fundamental rights and guarantees, it is impossible not to mention Article 5 of the Federal Constitution. This article is considered the basis of individual rights in Brazil, bringing a series of items that ensure the freedom and dignity of all citizens.

What are items?

The items are subdivisions of an article, bringing specifications and details on a particular theme. In the case of article 5, each item addresses a fundamental right, guaranteeing the protection and equality of all before the law.

Main items of article 5

Next, we will present some of the main items of Article 5 of the Federal Constitution:

  1. item I: equality before the law, without distinction of any kind;
  2. item II: Right to Life, Freedom, Equality, Safety and Property;
  3. item III: prohibition of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment;
  4. Item IV: right to intimacy, private life, honor and image;
  5. item V: freedom of expression, thought, belief and worship;
  6. item VI: Freedom of association for lawful purposes;
  7. item VII: Pacific, without weapons, in places open to the public;
  8. item VIII: freedom of conscience and belief;
  9. Item IX: freedom of artistic, intellectual, scientific and communication expression;
  10. Item X: inviolability of the confidentiality of correspondence and telegraphic communications, data and telephone communications;

These are just a few examples of the items present in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution. Each is fundamental to ensure the protection of individual and collective rights of Brazilian citizens.

Importance of the items of article 5

The items of article 5 are extremely important for society, as they guarantee the equality, freedom and dignity of all citizens. They serve as the basis for building a just and democratic society, where everyone has their rights respected and protected.

In addition, the items of Article 5 are fundamental for the exercise of citizenship and the guarantee of the rule of law. They set limits to the power of the state, ensuring that no individual be subjected to abuse or arbitrariness.


The items of article 5 of the Federal Constitution are the basis of fundamental rights and guarantees in Brazil. They guarantee the equality, freedom and dignity of all citizens, ensuring that no individual is discriminated against or subjected to inhuman treatments.

It is essential to know and understand the items of Article 5, as they are guaranteeing our rights and protection against possible abuse. The Federal Constitution is the maximum law of the country, and it is up to us all to know and demand compliance with the rights established therein.

Therefore, be aware of your rights and always be willing to defend them. After all, the guarantee of individual rights is essential for the construction of a fairer and more egalitarian society.

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