because the rooster sings

Why does the rooster sing?

The singing of the rooster is a characteristic sound of rural areas and arouses the curiosity of many people. But have you ever wondered why the rooster sings? In this article, we will explore some reasons behind this behavior of the roosters.

Instinct of Territoriality

One of the main reasons why roosters sing is their instinct of territoriality. The roosters are territorial animals and use singing to mark their territory and alert other roosters of their presence. Rooster singing is a form of communication between them and serves to set limits and avoid confrontations.

Social Communication

In addition to marking territory, Canto do Rooster is also a form of social communication. Roosters use different types of corners to convey specific messages to chickens and other animals around them. For example, they can sing to draw the attention of chickens, indicate the presence of danger or simply express their mood.

Biological Clock

Rooster singing is also related to the biological clock of these birds. Roosters have a circadian cycle, that is, an internal rhythm that regulates their activities throughout the day. Rooster’s morning singing is a way of marking the beginning of the day and awakening chickens to search for food.

Response to external stimuli

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the rooster singing can also be a response to external stimuli, such as the presence of other animals, climate change or even the noise of vehicles. Galles are animals sensitive to the environment around them and can sing as a way of expressing their emotions or reacting to unusual situations.


The singing of the rooster is a natural behavior and performs various functions in the lives of these birds. From marking territory to communicating with other animals, Canto do Rooster is a form of expression and survival. So the next time you hear a rooster singing, remember that it is just following your instincts and communicating with the world around you.

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