Meaning of the word

Breastfeeding is the act of feeding a baby with breast milk, providing all the nutrients necessary for its healthy growth and development.

Origin of the word

The word “breastfeeding” originates in the Latin “breastfeeding”, which means “to breastfeed”.

Word adverbs

– Exclusive breastfeeding
– Extended breastfeeding
– Maternal breastfeeding

Conjunctions of the word

– Breastfeeding and complementary food
– Breastfeeding or bottle

Synonyms of the word

– Breastfeeding
– Lactation
– Breastfeed

Word Definitions

– Act of feeding a baby with breast milk.
– Natural process of children’s nutrition.
– Affective bond between mother and child.

Phrases that the word applies

– Breastfeeding is critical to the healthy development of the baby.
– The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age.
– Breastfeeding strengthens the baby’s immune system.

Examples of the word in text

Breastfeeding is a special moment of connection between mother and child. During breastfeeding, the baby receives all the nutrients necessary for its growth. It is important that the mother feels comfortable during breastfeeding, using support pillows and finding a proper position. Exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age is recommended by experts.

Rhymes with the word

– Food
– Creation
– Nutrition
– Protection

Anagrams with the word

– No anagrams were found with the word “breastfeeding”.


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  2. World Health Organization
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