Meaning of the word

Breastfeeding means feeding a baby or animal with breast milk through breastfeeding. It is the act of offering the milk produced by the breast glands to the pups.

Origin of the word

The word “breastfeeding” originates in the Latin “breastfeeding”, which means “to breastfeed”. The term is formed by the junction of the prefix “a-” (which indicates approximation) and the verb “male” (which means feeding with milk).

Word adverbs

– Breaking lovingly
– Breastfeeding exclusively
– Breastfeeding frequently
– Naturally breastfeeding

Conjunctions of the word

– Breast and care
– Breast or feed with bottle
– breastfeed before bed
– Breastfeeding during the day

Synonyms of the word

– Food with breast milk
– Breastfeed
– Farming
– Nourish with milk

Word Definitions

1. Feed a baby or animal with breast milk.
2. Offer the milk produced by the mammary glands to the young.
3. Act of nourishing and strengthening the bond between mother and child through breastfeeding.

Phrases that the word applies

– The mother decided to breastfeed her baby exclusively until six months.
– Breastfeeding is an act of love and nutrition.
– It is important to breastfeed the baby on demand.
– The mother was fulfilled when breastfeeding her son for the first time.

Examples of the word in text

Breastfeeding is a special moment between mother and child. During breastfeeding, the baby receives all the nutrients necessary for its development. It is recommended to breastfeed exclusively until six months of age, without the need to offer other foods. In addition, breastfeeding strengthens the affective bond between mother and child.

Rhymes with the word

– To cry
– To help
– Sing
– To play

Anagrams with the word

– Maternalma

I hope this dictionary has helped to better understand the meaning, origin and use of the word “breastfeeding”. Breastfeeding is a fundamental act for the healthy development of babies and strengthens the bond between mother and child. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave it in the comments!

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