Burn-Out Course (FormationsPSS)

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Course Information: Burn-Out (Formationspsy)

Burn-out or Professional Exhaustion

This online course focuses on Burn-Out, also known as professional exhaustion or work-related stress. It provides insights on what needs to be considered when dealing with Burn-Out: Understanding what Burn-Out is, identifying its symptoms, exploiting its causes and understanding differential disorders. Participants will also learn how to clinically evaluate Burn-out, available interventions and treatments, and how to support individuals in their return to work.

About the instructor: Dr. Benjamin Smith

Dr. Benjamin Smith is a clinical psychologist and a mental health specialist. He is a renowned teacher at a prestigious University and acts as President of the Mental Health Section of the National Health Council of Belgium. Dr. Smith specializes in evaluating psychological damage, focusing on the evaluation of psychological problems related to intelligence, personality and trauma. His extensive research and expertise in posttraumatic psychopathological disorders were published in his book “Psychological Damage: From Trauma to Expertise” (2012). Dr. Smith is actively involved in neurosurgery (Bordet Institute) and Psychiatry (Brigmann University Hospital). He also teaches the course “Psychological Expertise in Civil Cases” in Formationspsy.

Course Highlight

-Understand the symptoms of Burn-Out to identify and diagnose it effectively, distinguishing it from other pathologies.
– Explore the causes of burn-out, risk factors and protection factors.
– Get knowledge about differential disorders.
– Learn how to clinically evaluate the burn-out and make a precise diagnosis.
– Discover interventions and treatments for Burn-Out, and how to react as a therapist, provide support and guidance.
– Acquire skills to assist patients in their return to work.

Keywords: Burn-out, professional exhaustion, return to work.

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