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Calculation Sheet: Everything you need to know

Calculation sheet is an essential document for any company or organization that performs commercial activities. It is used to record and calculate the financial results of a given period, such as a month or one year. In this blog, we will explore all the elements that make up a calculation sheet and how to use it efficiently.

What is a finding sheet?

The investigation sheet, also known as a statement of results or DRE (result demonstration of the year), is a accounting report that presents the income, expenses and profits of a company over a given period of time. It is critical to analyzing the financial health of the business and making strategic decisions.

Calculation Leaf Elements

A calculation sheet consists of several elements that provide important information about the company’s financial situation. Let’s meet each one of them:

  1. Recipes: are the values ​​obtained by selling products or services. Can be divided into operating and non -operational revenues.
  2. Expenses: represent the necessary expenses for the company’s activities. Can be classified into operating and non -operational expenses.
  3. Costs: are spending directly related to the production or acquisition of products or services.
  4. Gross profit: is the difference between revenue and costs. Indicates the financial result of the company’s main activity.
  5. Operating Expenses: are the expenses needed to keep the company in operation, such as salaries, rent, electricity, among others.
  6. Operating profit: is the difference between gross profit and operating expenses. Represents the financial result of the company’s operational activities.
  7. Non -operational expenses: are spending that are not directly related to the company’s main activity, such as financial expenses and taxes.
  8. Net profit: is the difference between operating profit and non -operational expenses. Indicates the company’s final financial result.

How to use the finding sheet?

The calculation sheet is an essential tool for the financial management of a company. It allows you to analyze business profitability, identify possible problems and make strategic decisions. In addition, it is used for accountability to members, shareholders and regulatory agencies.

To use the calculation sheet efficiently, it is important to follow some practices:

  1. Record all revenues and expenses: It is essential to have strict control of all entries and exits of the company.
  2. Correctly classify revenues and expenses: Organize values ​​in categories to facilitate the analysis and understanding of results.
  3. Update the calculation sheet regularly: keep the document always updated to have accurate and updated information about the company’s financial situation.
  4. Analyze the results: use the calculation sheet data to identify trends, improvement opportunities and possible financial problems.
  5. Take strategic decisions: based on the results of the calculation sheet, make decisions aimed at improving the company’s profitability and financial health.


The calculation sheet is an indispensable tool for the financial management of a company. It provides valuable information about revenues, expenses and profits, allowing a detailed analysis of the financial situation of the business. Use the calculation sheet correctly and make strategic decisions to ensure the success of your company.

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