daughter that the skin rejected

The daughter that Pelé rejected

In the world of football, Pelé is considered one of the greatest players of all time. His skill, technique and achievements made him a living legend. However, few people know that the king of football also had difficult times in his personal life, including the rejection of a daughter.

The story

The story of the daughter Pelé rejected begins in the 60s, when the player was still young and at the height of his career. During this period, Pelé had a relationship with a woman named Anizia Machado, which resulted in a pregnancy.

However, when Anizia reported Pelé about pregnancy, he refused to assume the child’s fatherhood. Pelé claimed that he was not his father and refused to recognize her. This attitude caused great pain and suffering for Anizia and his daughter, who grew up without the love and support of his biological father.

The reunion

years later, Pelé’s daughter, named Sandra Regina Machado, decided to seek recognition of her father. She filed a lawsuit to prove paternity and obtain the rights and benefits due to her.

The process was long and painful, but finally in 1996, Pelé was forced to take a DNA test that confirmed his paternity. From that moment, he recognized Sandra as her daughter and started to have a relationship with her.

The emotional impact

Pelé’s rejection had a deep impact on Sandra’s life. She grew up without her father’s love and support, which affected her self -esteem and her view of herself. The discovery of her true identity and the reunion with Pelé was exciting and transformative moments for her.

Despite the troubled past, Sandra and Pelé managed to build a relationship of love and respect. She became a defender of the rights of children and women, using her history as an example of overcoming and empowering.

  1. Conclusion

The story of the daughter Pelé rejected is a reminder that even idols have flaws and face challenges in their personal lives. It is important to remember that we are all human and that our actions have consequences.

We hope that this story can serve as a lesson of empathy and understanding, reminding us of the importance of valuing and supporting our loved ones, regardless of circumstances.


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