Dictionary of the word “dinitrophenyldrazonic”

Meaning of the word

The term “dinitrophenhydrazonic” is an adjective that refers to a chemical composed of a benzenic ring with two Nitro (-NO2) groups and a hydrazone functional group (-NNH2). This substance is often used in laboratory analysis for the detection of organic compounds.

Origin of the word

The word “dinitrophenhydrazonic” originates in the junction of the following elements:

  1. “dinitro-“, which comes from the Greek “di-” (two) + “nitro-” (nitro), indicating the presence of two nitro groups in the molecule;
  2. “Phenyl-“, which refers to the phenyl radical, derived from benzene;
  3. “Idrazonic”, which derives from the term “hydrazone”, indicating the presence of the hydrazone functional group in the molecule.

Word adverbs

There are no specific adverbs related to the word “dinitrophenhydrazonic”.

Conjunctions of the word

There are no specific conjunctions related to the word “dinitrophenhydrazonic”.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms for “dinitrophenhydrazonic” are:

  • dnp
  • 2,4-dinitrophenhidrazone

Word Definitions

Some definitions related to the word “dinitrophenhydrazonic” are:

  1. Chemical substance used in laboratory analysis;
  2. Organic compound with two Nitro groups and a hydrazone group;
  3. Reagent used for detecting aldehydes and ketones.

Phrases that the word applies

Some examples of phrases in which the word “dinitrophenhydrazonic” can be applied are:

  • The dinitrophenhydrazonic test confirmed the presence of an aldehyde in the sample.
  • The reaction of the compound with dinitrophenhydrazonic resulted in an intense yellow color.

Examples of the word in text

Example 1: Chemical analysis was performed using the dinitrophenhydrazonic reagent to identify the presence of organic compounds.

Example 2: The unknown substance has positively reacted with dinitrophenhydrazonic, indicating the presence of an aldehyde group.

Rhymes with the word

Words that rhyme with “dinitrophenyldrazonic”:

  • Organic
  • Aldeido
  • Reagent
  • Analytical

Anagrams with the word

Some possible anagrams with the letters of the word “dinitrophenhydrazonic” are:

  • Nitrophenylidazonic indicator
  • Dinitrophenylidazononic confirmation
  • Dinitrophenylazononic indicator
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