Dictionary of the word “dinosaurs”

Meaning of the word

Dinosaurs are an extinct group of reptiles who lived millions of years ago. They were the dominant animals on Earth during the Mesozoic period, known as the “age of dinosaurs”.

Origin of the word

The word “dinosaur” originates in the Greek, being formed by the junction of the terms “deinos” (which means terrible) and “longing” (which means lizard). Therefore, the term “dinosaur” can be translated as “terrible lizard”.

Word adverbs

Adverbs related to the word “dinosaurs” may vary according to the context in which they are used. Some examples of adverbs that can be associated with dinosaurs are: fiercely, quickly, slowly, among others.

Conjunctions of the word

Conjunctions related to the word “dinosaurs” can be used to establish cause relationships, consequence, opposition, among others. Some examples of conjunctions that can be associated with dinosaurs are: because, therefore, but yet, among others.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms of the word “dinosaurs” are: prehistoric reptiles, extinct animals, old creatures, among others.

Word Definitions

  1. Extinct group of reptiles that lived millions of years ago.
  2. dominant animals on earth during the Mesozoic period.
  3. Large animals and various species that inhabited the planet.

Phrases that the word applies

1. The dinosaurs were extinguished millions of years ago.

2. Paleontologists study dinosaur fossils to better understand Earth’s history.

3. Children love to play with toy dinosaurs.

Examples of the word in text

Dinosaurs were the dominant animals during the Mesozoic period. They varied in size, from small carnivorous dinosaurs to large long neck herbivores. Dinosaur fossils are found in various parts of the world, and scientists continue to discover new species.

Rhymes with the word

1. Treasures

2. Sounds

3. Explorers

Anagrams with the word

1. Sauronidos

2. Sauronidos

3. Sauronidos

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