Dictionary of the word “double”

Meaning of the word

The term “double” is an adjective that refers to something that is made, composed or presented in two equal or similar parts. It can also be used to describe something that is duplicated, repeated or that occurs twice.

Origin of the word

The word “double” originates in the Latin “Duplus”, which means “two” or “double”.

Word adverbs

Some adverbs related to the word “double” are:

  2. Double
  3. repeatedly

Conjunctions of the word

Some conjunctions that can be used with the word “double” are:

  1. e
  2. But
  3. or

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms for the word “double” are:

  1. Duplicated
  2. Folded
  3. Repeated
  4. twin
  5. PAR

Word Definitions

Some definitions of the word “double” are:

  1. which consists of two equal or similar parts.
  2. that occurs twice.
  3. which is duplicated or repeated.

Phrases that the word applies

Some phrases in which the word “double” can be applied are:

  1. She ordered a double coffee.
  2. The movie was released in a double version.
  3. He has a double personality.

Examples of the word in text

See some examples of how the word “double” can be used in a text:

“The teacher delivered a double task to the students.”

“The athlete won the gold medal for the second year double.”

“The book has a double narrative, alternating between two main characters.”

Rhymes with the word

Some words that rhyme with “double” are:

  1. Supplo
  2. Curple
  3. Slip
  4. Group

Anagrams with the word

Some possible anagrams with the word “double” are:

  1. Pulne
  2. Pludo
  3. Podul
  4. OLDUP
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