Dictionary of the word “Duke-Caxiense”

Meaning of the word

The word “Duque-Caxiense” is an adjective that refers to something or someone related to the municipality of Duque de Caxias, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Origin of the word

The term “Duke-Caxiense” is formed by the junction of the name “Duque de Caxias”, which is a tribute to Brazilian military Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, known as Duque de Caxias, with the suffix “-ense”, that indicates origin or belonging.

Word adverbs

There are no specific adverbs related to the word “Duke-Caxiense”.

Conjunctions of the word

There are no specific conjunctions related to the word “Duke-Caxiense”.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms for “Duke-Caxiense” may be: Caxiense, Caxiense-Dukense.

Word Definitions

  1. Relative or belonging to Duke of Caxias.
  2. which is natural or inhabitant of Duke of Caxias.

Phrases that the word applies

– The Duque-Caxiense football team won the State Championship.

– The Duke-Caxiense culture is rich in popular traditions and manifestations.

Examples of the word in text

The municipality of Duque de Caxias, known for its oil industry, has a population mostly Duke-Caxiense. The city offers several leisure and entertainment options for residents and visitors.

Rhymes with the word

Some words that rhyme with “Duke-Caxiense” are: Caxiense, Dukense, Caxiasense.

Anagrams with the word

Anagrams were not found with the word “Duke-Caxiense”.

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