Word Dictionary “Dupulation”

Meaning of the word

The word “duplation” means the act of duplicating, multiplying by two or making an exact copy of something.

Origin of the word

The word “duplation” originates in the Latin “duplicatione”, derived from the verb “duplicate”, which means “bend” or “multiply by two”.

Word adverbs

Adverbs related to the word “duplation” are “doubly” and “duplicately”.

Conjunctions of the word

There are no specific conjunctions related to the word “duplation”.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms of the word “duplation” are duplication, multiplication, reproduction, copy and replication.

Word Definitions

  1. Duplicate or multiply action by two;
  2. Act of making an exact copy of something;
  3. Reproduction or replication process.

Phrases that the word applies

– Dupulation of the number of employees resulted in higher productivity.

– DNA duplation is an essential process for cell division.

– Dupulation of the value of the property was a great investment.

Examples of the word in text

Dupulation of the number of students at school required the hiring of more teachers.

The process of duplation of genetic material is fundamental for cell reproduction.

Duppulation of the company’s profits was the result of efficient strategic planning.

Rhymes with the word

Reproduction, action, addition, division, expansion, inclusion, omission, permission.

Anagrams with the word

No anagrams were found with the word “duplation”.

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