Dictionary of the word “dur”

Meaning of the word:

The word “dur” is an interjection used to express surprise, astonishment or disapproval.

Origin of the Word:

The origin of the word “dur” is uncertain, but is commonly used in the Portuguese language.

Adverbs of the Word:

There are no adverbs associated with the word “dur”.

Conjunctions of the Word:

There are no conjunctions associated with the word “dur”.

Synonyms of the Word:

Some synonym words of “dur” are: damn, carambolas, carambolaço, carambolae.

Word Definitions:

  1. Surprise expression.
  2. Amazing expression.
  3. Disapproval Expression.

Phrases that the word applies:

– Dur! I can’t believe you did it!

– Dur, what a fright you gave me!

– Dur, that’s not right!

Examples of the word word:

The boy fell from the tree and all around exclaimed “Dur!”.

When the teacher announced the test note, the student released a disapproval “dur”.

Rhymes with the word:

Sur, Jur, Mur, Tur.

Anagrams with the Word:

No anagrams were found with the word “dur”.

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