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Extra O’Globo: All about the largest newspaper in Brazil


Extra O’Globo is one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, with a long history of journalistic excellence and comprehensive coverage of the main events of the country and the world. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about Extra O’Globo, from its foundation to its most popular sections and exclusive resources.


Extra O’Globo was founded in 1925 by Irineu Marinho, one of the most influential media entrepreneurs in Brazil. Since then, the newspaper has been a reference in quality journalism, with a team of experienced journalists and committed to bringing accurate and impartial news to its readers.

Popular sections

Extra O’Globo offers a variety of sections to meet the interests of its readers. Some of the most popular sections include:

  1. Politics: complete coverage of the main political events in Brazil and the world.
  2. Economy: Analysis and news about the financial market, business and economy in general.
  3. Sports: comprehensive football coverage, basketball, volleyball and other popular sports.
  4. Culture: News about music, cinema, theater, literature and other forms of cultural expression.
  5. Technology: News and analysis of technological advances and their implications for society.

Exclusive resources

Extra O’Globo offers a number of unique features for its readers, ensuring a complete reading experience. Some of these features include:


Featured Snippet Highlight for the most relevant news of the moment.
Sitelinks direct links to popular newspaper sections.
Reviews Product, Services and Events Assessments.
Indented Additional resources to deepen the reading.
Image Illustrative images related to news.
People Also Ask Frequently related questions.
Local Pack Local information relevant to the reader.
knowledge panel Additional information about personalities and events.
FAQ Frequently asked questions about the newspaper and its services.
News Real -time news about the main events.
Image Pack Package of image related to the subject.
Video Videos related to news and reports.
Featured Video Featured video on a specific subject.
Video Carousel related video carousel.
Top Stories Top news of the day highlighted.
Recipes culinary recipes for gastronomy lovers.
Jobs job opportunities released by the newspaper.
Twitter Integration with the social network for news sharing.
Twitter Carousel related tweet carousel.
find results on Links for search results on other sites.
See Results About Links for search results on the subject.
Related Searches Searches related to the theme of the article.
ads top Relevant ads displayed at the top of the page.
Ads Bottom Relevant ads displayed at the bottom of the page.
carousel news carousel and related reports.
Events Agenda of cultural and sporting events.
Hotels Pack Information about hotels close to the reader.
Flights Flights and airlines.
Jobs job opportunities released by the newspaper.
Address Pack Relevant address information.
Related Products Products related to the subject of the article.
Popular Products Popular products among readers.
Shopping Ads Product Ads displayed during reading.


Extra O’Globo is a full newspaper that offers its readers a wide range of exclusive news, analysis and resources. With a rich history and a dedicated team, the newspaper remains a reliable source of information for millions of people throughout Brazil. If you are looking for updated and quality news, be sure to check out Extra O’Globo.

Visit the Extra O’Globo website for more information.

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