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Federal Government and MEI: How does it work and what are the benefits?

What is MEI?

MEI (individual microentrepreneur) is a legal category created by the federal government to formalize small businesses and autonomous entrepreneurs. This simplified modality of company allows the entrepreneur to have a CNPJ, issuing invoices and paying taxes in a simplified way.

How does the MEI?

To become a MEI, you need to meet some requirements, such as having an annual revenue of up to $ 81,000.00, has no participation in another company as a partner or holder, among others. In addition, it is important to choose an activity that is within those allowed for the MEI.

One of the main advantages of being a MEI is the simplification of taxes. The entrepreneur pays only a fixed monthly fee, which varies according to the activity performed, and is exempt from other taxes, such as the Legal Event Income Tax (IRPJ), Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), among others. /P>

MEI Benefits

MEI has a number of benefits for both the entrepreneur and your business. Some of the main benefits are:

  1. Business Legalization: By becoming a MEI, the entrepreneur has a CNPJ, which brings more credibility and security to his business.
  2. Easy opening: the process of opening a MEI is simple and fast and can be done online.
  3. Simplified taxes: MEI pays only a fixed monthly fee, which includes all the necessary taxes for business regularization.
  4. Access to social security benefits: MEI is entitled to benefits such as retirement by age, sick pay, maternity pay, among others.
  5. Ease of credit: MEI has access to special credit lines, facilitating access to financial resources to invest in your business.

How does the federal government support MEI?

The federal government has a number of programs and initiatives to support the MEIs. In addition to the simplification of taxes, the government offers training courses, business orientation, access to credit and other actions to foster entrepreneurship and the development of small businesses.


MEI is an excellent option for those who want to formalize your business simply and with benefits. With the support of the Federal Government, the MEIs have access to a number of advantages that contribute to the growth and success of the enterprise.

If you are an entrepreneur or autonomous, be sure to consider the possibility of becoming a MEI and enjoy all the advantages that this modality offers.

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