Fiat Pulse Mount your

Fiat Pulse: Mount your

Meet Fiat’s new release

Fiat has just launched its newest model, the Fiat Pulse. With a modern design and cutting -edge technology, Pulse promises to conquer the hearts of car lovers.

Bold and sophisticated design

Fiat Pulse has a bold and sophisticated design with striking lines and details that draw attention. Its modern and sporty look makes the pulse stand out amid the other cars in the category.

Top technology

Fiat Pulse has a state -of -the -art technology, offering a unique driver experience. With a complete entertainment system, which includes a high quality sound system and an intuitive multimedia center, the pulse provides comfort and fun during travel.


One of the great advantages of Fiat Pulse is the possibility of personalization. With various color options, finishes and accessories, you can assemble your pulse according to your style and preferences.

  1. Choose the color of your pulse
  2. Select the internal finishes
  3. Add the desired accessories


Fiat Pulse 1.0 1.0 flex R $ 60,000.00
Fiat Pulse 1.3 1.3 Flex R $ 70,000.00
Fiat Pulse 1.3 turbo 1.3 Turbo Flex R $ 80,000.00

Mount your Fiat Pulse right now!

Featured Snippet: Fiat Pulse is Fiat’s newest release, with a bold design and cutting -edge technology.