FLORDELIS What did you

FLORDELIS: What did you do?

FLORDELIS DOS SANTOS DE SOUZA, better known as FLORDELIS, is a gospel singer and Brazilian politics. She was born on February 5, 1961, in Rio de Janeiro, and became known for her musical career and her involvement in a controversial case.

Music Career

Flordelis began his musical career in the 1990s, releasing several successful albums in the gospel segment. Your songs are known for conveying messages of faith, hope and love.

Featured Snippet: Flordelis is a gospel singer and Brazilian politics.

Political Career

In addition to his musical career, Flordelis was also involved with politics. She was elected federal deputy for the state of Rio de Janeiro in the 2018 elections by the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

FlorDelis profile in the House of Representatives
FlorDelis Official Site
Flordelis Page on Wikipedia

Controversial case

In 2019, Flordelis and his family were involved in a controversial case that shocked Brazil. Her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, was murdered at his residence, and investigations pointed to the participation of some of his children in the crime.

Reviews: The Flordelis case received wide media coverage and generated many debates and discussions in society.

INDENTED: The Flordelis case brought out questions about the influence of religion, domestic violence and the responsibility of parents in the creation of their children.

Case developments

The Flordelis case is still underway, and those involved are being tried by the court. The federal singer and deputy lost the privileged forum and now responds to the process like any ordinary citizen.

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Career Impact

The FlorDelis case had a major impact on the career of the singer and politics. She lost contracts and partnerships in the music area, and her image was shaken before the public.

Location Pack: Flordelis continues to exercise his mandate as a federal deputy, but faces difficulties in his political action.


The Flordelis case is an example of how the personal life of a public figure can affect your career and reputation. Flordelis, who was once known for his music and religious work, now faces a judicial process and the judgment of society.

Knowledge Panel: Flordelis is a gospel and Brazilian political singer involved in a controversial murder case of her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo.

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