Fluminense how much is the game

Fluminense: How much is the game?

If you are a fan of Fluminense, you have certainly wondered: how much is my team’s game? In this blog, let’s talk about the latest matches of Fluminense and how you can follow the results in real time.

Latest Fluminense matches

Fluminense has had an exciting season, with disputed games and surprising results. Let’s check out the scores of the last matches:

  1. Fluminense 2 x 1 Flamengo
  2. Fluminense 3 x 0 Vasco
  3. Fluminense 1 x 1 Botafogo

As we can see, Fluminense had great results in recent matches, especially the victory over Flamengo.

How to follow Fluminense games in real time?

To keep up with real -time Fluminense games, you can use various tools. One option is to access sports sites that offer live coverage, such as Globo Esporte. In addition, you can also use mobile applications that provide real time updates from games.

Another option is to watch Fluminense games on television. Channels like SporTV and Premiere broadcast live matches, allowing you to follow every bid of your heart team.

News about Fluminense

In addition to following the games, it is important to stay on top of the latest news about Fluminense. See some of the main news about the team:

  1. Fluminense announces new sponsor
  2. Fluminense renews contract with technician

This news is just some of the many information you can find about Fluminense. Always be up to date so as not to lose any details about your team.


Fluminense is a team of tradition and passion, and following the games and news about the club is critical to every fan. We hope this blog has helped you stay on top of the latest results and how to track Fluminense games in real time. Keep supporting your team and cheering for victories!

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