Free Fire What is

Free Fire: What is it and how it works?

Free Fire is an electronic real battle game developed by the Garena. Launched in 2017, the game quickly became one of the most popular in the genre, winning millions of players around the world.

How does Free Fire work?

In Free Fire, players are placed on a remote island where they should fight each other until only one survivor remains. The game follows the real battle format, where players are launched by parachute on the island and need to find weapons, equipment and vehicles to defend and eliminate the other players.

The main objective of the game is to be the last player or team standing. For this, players must move strategically through the map, avoid the danger zone that is closing over time and eliminating opponents.

Game Features and Modes

Free Fire offers a variety of features and game modes for players to enjoy. In addition to the classic real battle mode, where players compete individually or in teams, the game also has modes like against Squad, where two teams face each other in quick matches, and ranked mode, where players can rise and compete with most skilled players.

The game also has seasonal events, which bring exclusive news and rewards, and a customization system, where players can customize their characters and weapons.

Curiosities about Free Fire:

  1. Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019, according to the Annie app.
  2. The game has an active community of players around the world, with tournaments and professional competitions.
  3. Free Fire is known for its fast and intense gameplay, with matches that last an average of 10 minutes.


Android Available on Google Play Store
iOS Available in the App Store

Click here to access Free Fire’s official website and start playing right now!

– Garena Free Fire. Available at:
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