Genogram what and

What is Genogram?

Genogram is a tool used in the area of ​​psychology and family therapy to visually represent family relationships and family history. It is a kind of family tree that goes beyond basic kinship information, including data on relationships, significant events, personal characteristics and even behavioral patterns.

What is the genogram for?

Genogram aims to help therapists and health professionals better understand the family’s family dynamics. It allows us to identify behavioral patterns, trauma, conflicts and even hereditary diseases that may be present in the family. In addition, the genogram also helps in identifying possible influences and interactions among family members.

How to make a genogram?

To make a genogram, it is necessary to collect information about the family, such as names, birth dates, weddings, divorces, deaths, diseases, addictions, among others. This information is organized on a diagram, which can be made by hand or using specific software.

It is important to emphasize that the elaboration of the genogram should be done with care and sensitivity, taking into account the privacy and consent of those involved. In addition, it is essential that the professional responsible for creating the genogram has knowledge and experience in interpreting this information.

Genogram Benefits

Genogram offers several benefits to both health professionals and patients. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. identification of behavioral patterns and dysfunctional relationships;
  2. Understanding family influences on mental and emotional health;
  3. Identification of possible risk and protection factors;
  4. Assistance in the planning of therapeutic interventions;
  5. Promotion of communication and dialogue between family members;
  6. stimulation of reflection and self -knowledge;
  7. Possibility to identify and interrupt negative behavior repetition cycles.

Genogram is a powerful tool that can bring insights and understanding about a person’s family history. It allows you to identify patterns, trauma and influences that may be affecting mental and emotional health. If you are seeking to better understand your family’s dynamics or are going through some kind of difficulty related to family issues, the genogram can be an excellent therapeutic support option.

I hope this article has clarified your doubts about the genogram and its importance in family therapy. If you have more questions or want to share your experience with the genogram, leave a comment below!

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