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What is an article?

An article is a type of text that aims to inform, explain or discuss a particular subject. It can be found in various formats, such as magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.

Characteristics of an article

An article usually has the following characteristics:

  • Title: The article has a title that summarizes the subject addressed.
  • Introduction: In the introduction, the author presents the theme and objective of the article.
  • Development: Development is the main part of the article, where the arguments, information and examples related to the theme are presented.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, the author summarizes what was addressed in the article and may present his opinion or recommendations.

Importance of article

Articles are important to disseminate knowledge, inform and promote discussions on various subjects. They can be used as a source of research, to deepen knowledge on a particular theme or to stay up to date on matters of interest.

How to write an article

To write an article, it is important to follow some steps:

  1. Choice of Theme: Define the theme that will be addressed in the article.
  2. Search: conducts research on the theme, seeking reliable and updated information.
  3. Structuring: Organize information logically, dividing the article into introduction, development and conclusion.
  4. Writing: Write the article clearly, objectively and using a language suitable for the target audience.
  5. Review: review the article, checking grammar, spelling and textual cohesion errors.

Example of article

Here is an example of how an article on the theme “Importance of Reading” can be structured:


The importance of reading In this article, we will discuss the importance of reading in the formation of the individual. In development, the benefits of reading will be presented, such as vocabulary development, widening knowledge and improving writing. We conclude that reading is fundamental to personal and intellectual development, and should be encouraged early.


Articles are important texts to inform, explain and discuss various subjects. When writing an article, it is important to follow a structure and use a language suitable for the target audience. Reading of articles is also a way of keeping updated and deepening knowledge on certain topics.

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