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Google: What is Halloween’s day?

Halloween, also known as Halloween, is a popular party that takes place annually on October 31st. On this date, people from around the world celebrate with frightening fantasies, thematic and sweet decorations.

Halloween Origin

Halloween has its roots in an ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain. The Celts believed that on the night of October 31, the spirits of the dead returned to Earth to cause problems. To protect themselves, they lit bonfires and wore frightening masks to ward off evil spirits.

Halloween Date

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, the eve of all saints, a Christian party that honors all the saints. The tradition of celebrating Halloween spread around the world and has become popular in many countries.

Curiosities about Halloween:

  1. Halloween is one of the most lucrative parties of the year, with sales of costumes, decorations and sweets reaching record numbers.
  2. The bright pumpkin, known as “Jack-o’-Lantern”, is a traditional Halloween symbol. Originally, people wore turnals to make the lanterns, but the pumpkin became more popular in the United States.
  3. Halloween is a very popular party in the United States, where people decorate their homes, participate in fantasy parties and go out to ask for door -to -door candy.

Halloween Traditions

United States Ask door -to -door candy, costume parties, home decoration
Ireland Halloween origin, light bonfires, use scary masks
Mexico Celebration of the day of the dead, altars with offerings, parades

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