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How to Create a Government Email

Having a government email can bring several benefits to those who work in the public sector. In addition to transmitting more credibility, this type of email also offers greater security and privacy in official communications.

Step by Step to create a government email

If you are a public servant and want to create a government email, follow the following steps:

  1. Look for the sector responsible for creating government emails at your institution;
  2. Request the creation of your email by providing the necessary information;
  3. Wait for confirmation of email creation and access instructions;
  4. Access your email using the information provided;
  5. Configure safety and privacy options according to your institution’s policies;
  6. Start using your government email for official communications.

Advantages of having a government email

Use of a government email brings several advantages, such as:

  • Credibility: a government email conveys more confidence and credibility in official communications;
  • Security: government emails are protected by advanced security systems, ensuring the confidentiality of information;
  • Privacy: communications carried out by government email are safer and more private, avoiding sensitive information leakage;
  • Standardization: the use of government emails facilitates the standardization of official communications, making it easier to track and organize information.

How to use government email efficiently

To use your government email efficiently, follow some tips:

  1. Keep the inbox organized, archiving or excluding unnecessary emails;
  2. Use a formal and adequate language in communications;
  3. Avoid sending official emails to personal accounts;
  4. Respond to messages in an agile and objective way;
  5. Use digital signature features to ensure the authenticity of your messages;
  6. Avoid sharing sensitive information by email, use safe channels when necessary.

Now that you know how to create and use a government email, enjoy all the benefits that this tool can offer to your work in the public sector.

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