Government of SP 2022

São Paulo Government 2022: What to wait?

2022 promises to be a crucial moment for the state of Sao Paulo, with the election of the new government. In this blog, we will explore expectations and possible scenarios for the São Paulo government in 2022.

Elections and Candidates

With the proximity of the elections, several candidates are already preparing to run for the position of governor of São Paulo. Known names of São Paulo politics, such as João Doria , current governor, and Márcio França , former governor, are some of the possible competitors.

Featured Snippet: current governor João Doria has faced challenges during his term, such as Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis. It will be interesting to note how these factors can influence your campaign for reelection.

Proposals and Government Plans

Candidates for the Government of São Paulo in 2022 will certainly submit their proposals and plans to the state. It is important to analyze these proposals closely, to understand how each candidate intends to deal with issues such as health, safety, education and infrastructure.

  1. Investment in Public Health;
  2. Safety strengthening;
  3. Improvement in education;
  4. Infrastructure Development;
  5. Tourism Promotion;

Sitelinks: Learn more about the proposals of each candidate:

João Doria

The current governor João Doria focuses on the economic resumption of the state of São Paulo. He intends to invest in entrepreneurship incentive programs and attract new investments to the state.

Reviews: Some experts praise Doria’s stance on the economy, but criticize their health management during the pandemic.

Márcio França

Márcio França, former governor of São Paulo, has as its main proposal the valorization of civil service and the improvement of services offered by the state. It also highlights the importance of investments in education and security.

INDENTED: France is known for its political ability and for seeking dialogue with different sectors of society.

Results and expectations

The Government of São Paulo in 2022 will certainly face major challenges, such as postpandey economic recovery and the search for solutions to structural problems of the state. It is essential that the next governor has the ability to lead and the ability to make important decisions.

Image: Image of the Bandeirantes Palace, headquarters of the São Paulo government.

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Location Pack: Meet the main challenges of the next government of São Paulo:

  1. Economic Recovery;
  2. Combating corruption;
  3. Investment in infrastructure;
  4. Public Security;
  5. Social Policies;


The São Paulo government in 2022 promises to be a moment of great decisions and challenges for the state. Voters will have the opportunity to choose the next governor, taking into account the proposals and plans of each candidate. It is important to closely monitor the discussions and political debates, to make an informed decision at the polls.

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