Happiness Formula III Course: Reduce stress and obtain new energy

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Happiness Formula III: Reduce stress and develop resilience

Discover the perfect relaxation method for you

Are you looking for ways to get calmer and calmer? Do you want to feel physically better? Would you like to learn techniques to leave stress behind in just a few minutes? And find new forces? But how to find the right course if you don’t know the different methods of stress reduction? How to increase your internal well-being if you don’t know which method suits you best? To resolve this, this course presents established and less known valuable methods for you to experience and achieve these goals. You will receive detailed explanations and background knowledge, as well as practical exercises to immediately find out what you like best! Coach and author Max Johnson will teach this course in a personal coaching style, no boring PowerPoint slides. This course is one of the three parts of the unique formula of happiness in 9 stages of Max Johnson. The goal is to discover your own preferences and find inner peace, and feel physically better and more balanced.

Course Highlight:

– Prevent exhaustion through directed stress management
– Explore a selection of the best relaxation methods to experience
– Look at active relaxation with a new perspective
– Develop long -term resilience and resistance
– Discover ways to incorporate different movements into your daily life without necessarily playing sports
– Learning how passive relaxation can help you find peace in seconds with the right techniques
– Find your own appropriate relaxation method until the end of the course
– Find out how to take care of yourself in everyday life, besides well-being, and why this is so important.

Max Johnson (M.SC. in Psychology and Certified Therapist, specializing in hypnotherapy and relaxation methods) is a resilience specialist. He drives a psychological clinic in Wiesbaden and has organized psychological seminars across the country for many years, as well as providing business coaching. With 20 years of experience in counseling, coaching, therapy and 15 years as a seminar leader, Max Johnson delivers the course content with expertise and liveliness. His vast experience and expert knowledge are noticeable in a short time: no boring PowerPoint slides, only practical knowledge delivered clearly and transparently. The formula for happiness in 9 steps is a unique concept that encompasses important topics of life in coaching processes. These steps are now available in three separated packages at UDEMY: Formula of Happiness I: Live consciously happier and more fulfilled (Steps 1-3), Formula of Happiness II: Emotionally Happy and Balanced (Steps 4-6) and Formula of Happiness II : Reduce stress and find new forces (steps 7-9). Take advantage of these Max Johnson’s happiness courses to give holistic and sustainable boost to your life. And after doing that, the free and free final part of the happiness formula, part IV, waits for you: to find your own personal formula for happiness!

What are you going to learn:

– Learn to relax correctly through various selected relaxation methods you can immediately
– Find the technique that best suits you to relax even more easily and loosen internally
– Prevent exhaustion through directed stress management
– Develop long -term resilience and resistance
– Learn ways to relax completely in just a few minutes
– Many ideas to be active in your daily life without necessarily playing sports
– Find out what you can do for yourself to feel better with your body and generally.

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