Holiday May 1 2023 which opens

Holiday May 1 2023: What does it open?

The holiday of May 1st, known as Labor Day, is a much awaited date by many people, as it is a day of rest and leisure. However, it is important to know what will be open on that day so that you can make the most of the holiday. In this article, we will tell you what opens on the holiday of May 1, 2023.


On May 1 holiday, many shops and shops choose to close their doors, especially large retail chains. However, it is possible to find some exceptions, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, which usually work at reduced hours. It is always good to check in advance if the establishment you want to visit will be open on that day.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars also usually work on the holiday of May 1st, but it is important to check if the establishment you want to go will be open and if you need to make advance reservation. Some establishments may choose to open only for lunch or dinner, so it’s good to find out about opening hours.


public transport, such as bus, subway and trains, usually works at special times on holidays. It is important to check the opening hours and the lines that will be in operation that day. Generally, the times are reduced and some lines may not work.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions, such as museums, parks and sights, may have different opening hours on May 1 holiday. Some locations may choose to open normally, while others may close or have reduced times. It is always good to check the schedule and opening hours before visiting these places.


On the holiday of May 1st, it is important to find out what will be open to be able to enjoy the day in the best way possible. Trades, restaurants, public transport and tourist attractions can have different opening hours on this day. Therefore, it is always good to plan in advance and check the updated information about the operation of the establishments and services you want to use.

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