I can get weight after putting the IUD

Can I get weight after putting the IUD?

Placing a IUD (intrauterine device) is a popular option for contraception for many women. However, it is common to arise doubts about restrictions and care after the IUD. One of the frequently asked questions is if it is safe to get weight after putting the IUD. In this article, we will explore this issue and provide useful information on the subject.

What is a IUD?

A IUD is a small T -shaped device that is inserted into the womb to prevent pregnancy. There are two main types of IUD: copper and hormonal. Copper IUD works by releasing copper ions that are toxic to sperm, preventing fertilization. The hormonal IUD releases progesterone, which alters cervical mucus and uterine coating, making pregnancy difficult.

Placement of the IUD

Placing the IUD is a procedure performed by the gynecologist. It is usually done during the menstrual period, when the cervix is ​​more open. The doctor inserts the IUD through the vaginal canal and positions it correctly in the womb. The procedure may cause some discomfort and cramps, but it is usually fast and simple.


After IUD, it is important to follow some restrictions to ensure effectiveness and avoid complications. The doctor usually recommends avoiding sex for a few days after the IUD is placed. In addition, it is advisable to avoid the practice of intense physical activity and the survey of heavy weights.

Take weight after the IUD placing

Although there is no absolute restriction on the weight that can be raised after IUD is placed, it is recommended to avoid lifting heavy weights in the early days or weeks. This is because the uterus may be sensitive and the IUD may not be fully fixed in place. Raising heavy weights during this period may increase the risk of IUD displacement or cause discomfort.

It is important to talk to the doctor about their physical activities and answer all their doubts before and after the IUD. The doctor may provide specific guidelines based on your individual case.


Putting a IUD is a personal and effective choice for contraception. Upon placing the IUD, it is important to follow the restrictions recommended by the doctor, including avoiding the survey of heavy weights in the early days or weeks. Talking to your doctor and following your guidelines is critical to ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the IUD.

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