I can remove a bo

Can I remove a bo?

If you are wondering if it is possible to remove a police report (BO), the answer is yes, but with some caveats. BO is an official police document to report a crime or incident. Therefore, it is not as simple to remove it as if it were an object in a store.

When can I remove a bo?

Normally, BO is registered by police when you are a crime, witness a crime or are involved in an incident requiring police intervention. In such cases, you cannot withdraw BO as it is necessary to document the incident and start investigations.

Can I cancel a bo?

In some cases, it is possible to request the cancellation of a BO, but it depends on the circumstances and the decision of the police authority. Generally, cancellation is only allowed if it is proven that the registration was done wrong or if the information contained in the Bo is considered false.

How to request cancellation of a BO?

To request the cancellation of a BO, you must attend the police station responsible for the registration and present the documents and evidence that proves the need for cancellation. It is important to emphasize that the cancellation will not always be granted, as the decision is up to the police authority.

What are the consequences of a good

A BO can have several consequences, depending on the case. It can be used as evidence in a lawsuit, assist in police investigation, be requested by insurers in cases of claims, among other situations. Therefore, it is important to think well before registering a BO and ensure that the information is accurate and true.


Removing a BO is not a simple task as it is an official document registered by the police. However, in specific cases, it is possible to request the cancellation of BO. It is important to remember that the veracity of information is fundamental and that a BO can have legal and practical consequences. Therefore, think well before registering a BO and consult a lawyer if necessary.

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