I want to know the result of the animal game

Bicho game result

Are you curious to know the result of the animal game? In this blog, we will tell you all about this game of such popular bad luck in Brazil. Stay on top of the numbers drawn and find out if you were lucky!

What is the animal game?

The animal game is an illegal lottery modality that has existed for over a century in Brazil. It was created by Baron João Batista Viana Drummond, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1892. The game consists of betting on animals, represented by numbers from 00 to 99.

How does the animal game work?

In the animal game, each animal is associated with four numbers. For example, ostrich can be represented by numbers 01, 02, 03 and 04. The sweepstakes are held daily, usually in the afternoon, and the result is released in various places, such as newsstands and specialized websites. >

Result of today’s animal game:

  1. First Award: 25 – Cow
  2. Second Award: 78 – Eagle
  3. Third Award: 12 – Elephant
  4. Room: 43 – Dog


1st 25 cow
2nd 78 Eagle
3rd 12 Elephant
4th 43 Dog

Click here to check out the full result of today’s animal game.