Income Tax Revenue Revenue Consultation


Income tax is a tax obligation that all Brazilian citizens must comply with annually. The IRS is the body responsible for managing and overseeing this tax, ensuring that all taxpayers comply with tax legislation.

Income Tax Consultation

To find out if your income tax return has been processed and if there is any pending, you can consult directly on the IRS website. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the IRS website;
  2. Look for the “Income Tax Consultation” option;
  3. Fill in the requested fields, such as CPF, date of birth and year of declaration;
  4. Click “See”.

After making the consultation, you will have access to information about the situation of your income tax return. If there is any pending or irregularity, the IRS will provide the necessary guidelines to regularize the situation.

Importance of Revenue Consultation

Consultation in the IRS is critical to ensuring that your income tax return is correct and in accordance with the legislation. Also, it is through this consultation that you can see if there is any pending or irregularity that can generate future problems.

It is important to remember that the omission of information or incorrect statement of data may result in fines and penalties. Therefore, consulting the IRS is a way to avoid problems and ensure your tax tranquility.


1. Check the situation of the statement
2. Identify pending or irregularities
3. Avoid fines and penalties
4. Ensure tax peace of all

Consultation in the IRS is an important step in the income tax declaration process. Therefore, be sure to make this consultation and ensure that everything is in order with your fiscal situation.

Click here to access the IRS website and make the income tax consultation.

Source: IRS