IPVA by the plate in São Paulo

IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax) is a mandatory tax for all vehicle owners in Brazil. It is charged annually and the amount varies according to the state and the type of vehicle.

How to consult the IPVA by the plate in São Paulo?

In Sao Paulo, you can consult the value of IPVA by the vehicle plate quickly and easily. Just go to the website of the São Paulo State Treasury Secretariat and inform the license plate and Renavam from the vehicle.

After filling in the data, the system will show the IPVA value, the due date and the available payment options. It is important to be aware of the deadlines to avoid fines and interest.

What are the payment methods of IPVA in São Paulo?

In São Paulo, IPVA can be paid in three ways:

  1. Payment in cash: In this option, you can get a discount on the total value of IPVA.
  2. Payment in installments: The IPVA value can be divided into up to three installments, according to the salary calendar.
  3. Payment with the amount of IPVA installment in credit card: This option allows to install the value of IPVA up to 12 times, but it is important to check the interest rates charged by the card operator.

What are the consequences of non -payment of IPVA?

IPVA non -payment can have several consequences for the vehicle owner. Among them are:

  • Fine: Failure to pay IPVA generates a fine that varies according to the state and the delay time.
  • Interest: In addition to the fine, daily interest on the value of the late IPVA is also charged.
  • Licensing Restriction: Failure to pay IPVA prevents vehicle licensing renewal, which may result in vehicle seizure and loss of points in the driver’s license.
  • Vehicle attachment: In extreme cases, non -payment of the IPVA can lead to the vehicle’s attachment to pay off the debt.

Therefore, it is essential to be up to date with the payment of IPVA to avoid future problems.

How to calculate the value of IPVA in Sao Paulo?

The value of IPVA in São Paulo is calculated based on the venal value of the vehicle, which is determined by the FIPE (Institute of Economic Research Foundation) table. The IPVA rate in Sao Paulo is 4% for gasoline, alcohol or flex cars, and 2% for motorcycles and the like.

To calculate the value of the IPVA, simply multiply the venal value of the vehicle by the corresponding rate. For example, if the venal value of the vehicle is R $ 30,000.00, the value of IPVA will be R $ 1,200.00 for cars and R $ 600.00 for motorcycles.


IPVA by plaque in Sao Paulo can be consulted quickly and easily through the website of the Secretariat of Finance. It is important to be up to date with the payment of IPVA to avoid fines, interest and other consequences. In addition, it is essential to correctly calculate the value of IPVA to avoid improper payments.

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