IRPF 2023 Filling online

IRPF 2023: Online filling

The Individual Income Tax Declaration (IRPF) is an annual obligation for millions of Brazilians. With the advancement of technology, more and more people choose to fill the statement online, in a practical and secure way.

Why choose online filling?

IRPF online filling brings several advantages to the taxpayer. In addition to being faster and more practical, avoiding the need for displacement to a IRS agency, it also reduces the chances of filling errors as the system performs automatic validations.

Another advantage is the possibility of saving the statement in progress and resuming the filling at another time, without losing the information already entered.

Step by step for online filling

  1. Access the Federal Revenue website;
  2. Click on the “IRPF 2023” option and select the online fill option;
  3. Fill in the requested data, such as CPF, full name, date of birth, among others;
  4. Enter income, deductible expenses and other financial information;
  5. Check that all information is correct and finish the statement;
  6. After shipping, a delivery receipt will be generated, which must be stored for proof.

Online Fill Benefits
Disadvantages of online fill

  • Time savings;
  • Automatic Validations;
  • Possibility to save the statement in progress;
  • Easy access to vouchers;
  • Reduction of filling errors.
  • Need for internet access;
  • Possible system instability;
  • requires basic computer knowledge;
  • Limitations for taxpayers with more complex tax situations.

Click here to access the official IRS website and fill IRPF 2023 online.

Source: IRS