It means euthanasia;

What does euthanasia mean?

Euthanasia is a term that comes from the Greek and means “good death” or “quiet death”. It is a procedure that aims to abbreviate the life of a person who is suffering from an incurable or terminal disease, with the aim of relieving his suffering.

How does euthanasia work?

Euthanasia can be performed in different ways, such as administration of drugs that cause death, interruption of medical treatments that prolong life or removal of vital support, such as food and hydration.

How to do and practice euthanasia?

The practice of euthanasia is illegal in most countries, being allowed only in some places, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Canada and some US states. To perform euthanasia legally, it is necessary to follow the procedures and requirements established by local legislation.

Where to find information about euthanasia?

It is possible to find information about euthanasia in books, scientific articles, sites specialized in bioethics and medical law, as well as consultations with health and law professionals.

What is the meaning of euthanasia?

The meaning of euthanasia is controversial and varies according to the different ethical, religious and cultural perspectives. For some, euthanasia is seen as an act of compassion and mercy, while for others it is considered a violation of the right to life.

How much does euthanasia cost?

The cost of euthanasia may vary depending on the country and the context in which it is realized. In countries where euthanasia is legal, such as the Netherlands, the procedure can be covered by the health system. However, elsewhere, it may be necessary to pay for medical and legal services related to euthanasia.

What is the best form of euthanasia?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as choosing the best form of euthanasia depends on the individual circumstances and the country’s laws. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision must be taken taking into account the patient’s well-being and the ethical principles involved.

Explanation about euthanasia

Euthanasia is a complex and controversial theme that involves ethical, moral, legal and religious issues. There are different arguments in favor and against the practice of euthanasia, and the discussion on the subject is fundamental for the reflection and development of adequate public policies.

Where to study about euthanasia?

To study about euthanasia, it is possible to seek courses in bioethics, medical law, palliative medicine and palliative care at universities and educational institutions. In addition, there are several books and academic articles that address the theme in depth.

Vision and Explanation According to the Bible on Euthanasia

The vision and explanation of euthanasia according to the Bible can vary between different interpretations and religious currents. Some argue that life is a sacred gift and that euthanasia is a violation of this principle, while others defend compassion and mercy as the foundations for the practice of euthanasia.

Vision and Explanation According to Spiritism on Euthanasia

In spiritualism, euthanasia is seen as an act contrary to divine laws, as it interferes with the plane of life set for each individual. Suffering is believed to be part of the process of spiritual evolution and that euthanasia can prevent learning and spiritual growth.

Vision and Explanation According to Tarot, Numerology, Horoscope and Signs about Euthanasia

Tarot, numerology, horoscope and signs do not have a specific view of euthanasia, as they are belief systems and practices that focus mainly on personal orientation and future prediction. These practices do not provide guidelines or interpretations on complex ethical and moral issues such as euthanasia.

Vision and Explanation According to Candomblé and Umbanda about Euthanasia

In Candomblé and Umbanda, euthanasia is not a broadly discussed topic, as these religions have a greater focus on spirituality, rituals and healing practices. Euthanasia is not considered a common or recommended practice in these religious traditions.

Vision and explanation according to spirituality about euthanasia

The vision of spirituality about euthanasia can vary according to individual beliefs and spiritual traditions. Some people believe that euthanasia can be a way of relieving suffering and allowing for a quiet passage to the spiritual plane, while others consider that life should be preserved at all costs.


Euthanasia is a complex and controversial theme that involves ethical, moral, legal and religious issues. There is no definitive response about euthanasia, and the discussion on the subject is fundamental to the reflection and development of adequate public policies. It is important to consider the different points of view and respect the diversity of opinions, always seeking the well-being and dignity of people in situations of extreme suffering.

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