Meaning of the word

amalhophar means mixing, shuffling or confusing something or someone.

Origin of the word

The origin of the word “lovers” is uncertain, but it is believed that it has arisen from the junction of the terms “lover” (confused mix) and “afar” (shuffle).

Word adverbs


Conjunctions of the word

amalhofar, although, although

Synonyms of the word

Shuffle, mix, confuse, disorganize, mess up

Word Definitions

  1. Mix confusingly;
  2. Shuffle something or someone;
  3. confuse or disorganize;
  4. Baguar.

Phrases that the word applies

– He tamed all the papers of the table.

– Do not love the clothes in the suitcase.

– The child touched all toys in the room.

Examples of the word in text

Professor lovedal to the students’ tests and no one was able to identify their grade.

When loving the cards of the deck, the player tried to confuse the opponents.

By loving ideas, she could not express herself clearly.

Rhymes with the word

amalhofar – kneading, drowning, drowning, drowning, garlic far, love, bitter, tie.

Anagrams with the word






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