Manage Course Stress & Emotions and release your energy blocks

Manage stress and emotions and release your energy blockages

Regulate your stress and emotions releasing your energy blocks thanks to this 3 week program.

Learn how to release your energy blockages (often the source of stress and negative emotions that cannot be controlled by conventional means) in the comfort of your own home and with total autonomy, through a routine of 7 simple and effective practices to be adopted as a 3 -week program. This self-program will allow you to get rid of your negative thoughts, stress and overwhelming emotions, and recover your complete energy capabilities for deep action and lasting well-being. Reduces your complete energy capabilities in the comfort of your own home and with total autonomy: according to many old philosophies, such as yoga or traditional Chinese medicine, every living being is composed of a physical body, but also of subtle, invisible energy and intangible that is essential for all life forms. The physical body and subtle bodies are closely linked, and when we are sick or experience repeated, energy blockages can be created and contribute to the maintenance of our health problems. Fortunately, it is possible to act on these energy blocks to balance our subtle energies and restore their free circulation through various energy practices, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga … and many others! Benefiting these energy practices may involve consultation with a specialized professional. But it is also possible to use some of these practices in itself, in the form of an energy routine, either autonomously or as complement to one or more consultations with a professional. Through this online program, my goal is to familiarize you with 7 energy techniques so you can use them in yourself and establish your own energy routine. Practicing this routine daily will allow you to calm your mind, reduce the intensity of your negative emotions and walk toward beneficial psychological well-being. Please note that this online program does not replace medical follow -up. If you are undergoing depression, psychological disorders, deep anxiety or great mental anguish, it is imperative to consult a general doctor or psychiatrist and, in an emergency, immediately call 911. This program is not suitable for pregnant women. Thanks to this program – release your energy blockages – reduce the intensity of your emotions – regulate your stress and negative thoughts – adopt preventive energy hygiene. This program contains • 7 personal practices • 16 videos + 2 audios • 2 pdf sheets • lifetime access.

What are you going to learn

Regulate your stress and negative thoughts

Reduce the intensity of your emotions

Release your energy blockages

Adopt preventive energy hygiene.

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