Play Dino’s Game

Play the Dino Game

You may have come across the famous Google dinosaur game, which appears when you are without internet connection. This simple but addictive game has gained the attention of many users around the world. In this blog, we will teach you how to play the Dino game and some tips to reach a high score.

How to play Dino’s game?

To play Dino’s game, you need to be without connection to the internet. When you open the browser and do not have internet access, a dinosaur will appear on the screen with the message “without connection”. Just press the spacebar or the arrow up on the keyboard to start the game.

The goal of the game is to make the dinosaur skip the cacti and birds that appear on the way. To jump, just press the spacebar or the arrow up at the right time. If the dinosaur touches an obstacle, the game ends and you can restart by pressing the spacebar or the arrow up.

Tips for achieving a high score

  1. Practice: As in any game, practice is critical to improving your score. Spend time to play and familiarize yourself with Dinosaur’s movements.
  2. Focus on: keep concentrated and attentive to the obstacles that appear on the way. A small carelessness can make you lose the game.
  3. Calculate your jumps: Learn how to calculate the distance and time of the dinosaur jumps. This will help you avoid obstacles more accurately.
  4. Set goals: set goals for yourself, such as achieving a certain score or overcoming your previous record. This will give you motivation to keep playing and improving.

Now that you know how to play the Dino game and some tips for achieving a high score, it’s time to put it into practice. Have fun and challenge your friends to beat your score!


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