stadium that Brazil will play today

Stadium that Brazil will play today

Today, let’s talk about the stadium where the Brazilian soccer team will play. It is always exciting to follow the games of our selection, and know the place where they happen is also part of this experience.

The Stadium

The stadium chosen for today’s game is the National Stadium of Brasilia Mané Garrincha . Located in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, this stadium is one of the most modern and important in the country.

Mané Garrincha was inaugurated in 1974 and underwent a major renovation for the 2014 World Cup. With a capacity of over 72,000 people, the stadium is known for its impressive architecture and hosting large sports and cultural events.


The stadium is located on the Monumental Axis, near the center of Brasilia. Its privileged location allows easy access to both residents of the city and visitors.

How to get

To reach the stadium, there are several transportation options. It is possible to use buses, taxis or transport applications such as Uber and 99. In addition, the stadium has a large parking lot for those who prefer to go by car.


Brasília Mané Garrincha’s National Stadium has already received several important games, such as the 2013 Confederations Cup final and 2014 World Cup matches. In addition, it has also hosted shows by major national and international artists. P>

With its modern structure and ability to receive a large number of spectators, the stadium is one of the main stages of Brazilian football and a symbol of the passion of the people for sport.

Next Games

If you cannot follow today’s game, keep an eye on the next games of the Brazilian team. The calendar of games is released by the Brazilian Football Confederation and you can check out the dates and places of the next games on the official website of the entity.

We hope this blog has helped you know a little more about the stadium where Brazil will play today. Enjoy the game and cheer for our selection!

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