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The fascinating world of folklore

Folklore is a theme that arouses curiosity and enchantment in people of all ages. With its legends, myths and traditions transmitted orally over the centuries, folklore is an important part of the culture of a people. In this blog, we will explore some of the most fascinating elements of folklore and how they are represented in different cultures around the world.

Legends and myths

One of the most striking features of folklore is legends and myths that are told from generation to generation. These stories often involve fantastic characters such as magical beings, supernatural creatures and legendary heroes. Each culture has its own legends and myths, which reflect their beliefs and values.


In Brazil, one of the best known legends is Curupira. It is described as a small being with red hair and feet facing backwards. Legend has it that Curupira protects forests and animals, punishing those who disrespect nature. It is a very present figure in the Brazilian popular imagination.

Traditions and Festivals

In addition to legends and myths, folklore is also composed of traditions and festivals that celebrate the culture of a people. These celebrations often involve dances, music, typical foods and traditional clothing. These are moments of unity and preservation of cultural roots.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

In Brazil, one of the most famous festivals is Rio de Janeiro Carnival. With its parades of samba schools, colorful costumes and a lot of music, Carnival is a cultural manifestation that attracts tourists from around the world. It is an opportunity to celebrate Brazilian diversity and joy.

Preservation and appreciation

Preserving and valuing folklore is critical to keeping alive the culture of a people. It is important that stories, traditions and festivals are transmitted to new generations, so that they are not lost over time. In addition, it is necessary to recognize the importance of folklore as part of a country’s cultural identity.

Folklore valorization projects

There are several projects and initiatives that seek to value folklore and promote its preservation. Museums, festivals, dance groups and folk music are examples of how folklore can be kept alive and appreciated. It is important to support and participate in these activities, so that folklore continues to delight and inspire future generations.


Folklore is a cultural treasure that deserves to be explored and valued. Their legends, myths, traditions and festivals are an essential part of the identity of a people. Upon knowing and enjoying folklore, we are connecting with the roots of a culture and enriching our own experience. So let’s celebrate and preserve the fascinating world of folklore!

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