Dictionary of the word “tough”

Meaning of the word

The word “tough” is an adjective that describes a person or thing that is resistant, strong, firm or adamant. It can be used to describe someone who is brave, determined or who is not easily shaken.

Origin of the word

The origin of the word “tough” dates back to the Latin “Durare”, which means “last” or “being resistant”. Over time, the term has evolved into “tough” in the Portuguese language.

Word adverbs

Some adverbs related to the word “tough” are:

  1. Extremely tough
  2. Surprisingly Durão
  3. Extraordinarily Durão
  4. Emotably tough

Conjunctions of the word

There are no specific conjunctions related to the word “tough”.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms of the word “tough” are:

  • Firm
  • Robust
  • Fortão
  • brave

Word Definitions

Some definitions of the word “tough” are:

  1. That has great physical or emotional resistance
  2. That is not easily shaken
  3. which is brave and determined

Phrases that the word applies

Some phrases in which the word “tough” can be applied are:

  • My grandfather is a tough, even at 80 he still works in the field.
  • The coach praised the player for his tough attitude during the game.
  • She went through many difficulties, but always proved tough and never gave up.

Examples of the word in text

Example 1: The boss was known to be a tough, but deep down he worried about the welfare of his employees.

Example 2: The film tells the story of a tough policeman fighting crime on the city streets.

Example 3: The mountain was so steep that only the toughest could reach the top.

Rhymes with the word

Some words that rhyme with “tough” are:

  • Heart
  • Gratitude
  • Passion
  • Illusion

Anagrams with the word

Some anagrams with the word “tough” are:

  • Adornment
  • Raduno
  • Anduro
  • Rudano
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