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Meaning of the word

Amalá is a word of African origin meaning “food” or “meal”. It is a term used mainly in the cooking of countries such as Angola and Mozambique.

Origin of the word

The word “amalá” originates in the languages ​​spoken in the region of sub -Saharan Africa. It is a term that is part of the vocabulary of African cultures and has been incorporated into other languages ​​over time.

Word adverbs

Adverbs related to the word “amalá” may vary according to the context and language in which it is used. Some examples are: deliciously, traditionally, carefully.

Conjunctions of the word

Conjunctions related to the word “amalá” can be used to connect ideas or elements in a sentence. Some examples are: and, but, or, why.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms of the word “amalá” are: food, meal, dish, delicacy, food.

Word Definitions

  1. Food or meal typical of African cuisine;
  2. Traditionally prepared dish in countries such as Angola and Mozambique;
  3. delicacy made with local ingredients and characteristic spices;
  4. Food that represents the culture and flavors of a particular region.

Phrases that the word applies

1. Today we are going to try a delicious Angolan Amala.

2. AMALÁ is a much appreciated dish in Mozambican cuisine.

3. Learn how to prepare an authentic amalá with this traditional recipe.

Examples of the word in text

The African restaurant offers a variety of typical dishes, including Amalá, which is a customer favorites.

For those who like to try new flavors, Amalaá is an excellent option to know African cuisine.

Rhymes with the word

shuts up, living room, bullet, suitcase, shit, ditch, scale.

Anagrams with the word

The words “amalá” do not form anagrams with the supplied elements.

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