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Estadão is one of the main communication vehicles in Brazil, bringing updated news on various subjects. In this blog, we will highlight the latest news published by Estadão, addressing topics such as politics, economy, sports, culture and more.


The Brazilian political scenario is always prominent in the pages of Estadão. Follow the latest news about government decisions, discussions in the National Congress and the movements of the country’s leading politicians.


Economy is a topic of great importance for Brazil and the world. Stay on top of the latest news about the financial market, economic trends, indicators and the impacts of political decisions on the Brazilian economy.


Sport is a national passion and Estadão brings the latest news about football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and more. Follow the results of the main championships, the hiring of clubs and the stories of Brazilian and international athletes.

Highlight News

  1. Political Crisis: Understand the developments of the political crisis that plagues the country.
  2. High economy: Check out the latest news about Brazil’s economic growth.
  3. Championship final: Learn who took the cup in the football championship final.

Opinions and Analysis

At Estadão, you also find expert opinions and analysis on the main subjects of the moment. Follow editorials, columns and articles that bring different perspectives on the featured topics.

Images and Videos

In addition to the news, Estadão also features images and videos that complement the articles. See photos of events, interviews with personalities and video reports that bring a new way to consume information.

Social Networks

Estadão is present on social networks, sharing the main news and interacting with readers. Follow Estadão on Twitter and follow the updates in real time.

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