which means NGO;

What does NGO mean?

NGO is the acronym for non -governmental organization. It is a non-profit entity, which aims to promote social, environmental, cultural, educational actions, among others, aiming at the welfare of society and the defense of rights.

How does an NGO work?

NGOs work independently of the government, ie they are not linked to any state body. They are funded by donations, partnerships, agreements and projects, and use these resources to develop their activities and projects.

How to do and practice an NGO?

To create and practice an NGO, you need to follow a few steps. First, it is necessary to define the cause or area of ​​activity of the organization. Then it is necessary to elaborate a status, which is the document that will govern the activities of the NGO. In addition, it is important to seek partnerships, raise resources and develop projects that are aligned with the organization’s mission.

Where to find NGOs?

NGOs can be found in various places, such as communities, neighborhoods, cities and even nationwide and international. You can find information about NGOs on specialized websites, social networks, events and through other people’s nominations.

What is the meaning of NGO?

The meaning of NGO is a non -governmental organization, as mentioned earlier. These organizations aim to promote social actions and defend rights, acting independently of the government.

How much does it cost to create an NGO?

The cost to create an NGO can vary greatly, depending on the size and activities that will be developed. It is necessary to consider spending with legal registration, preparation of statute, hiring professionals, rental of space, among others. It is important to do financial planning before starting the creation process.

What is the best NGO?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best NGO can vary according to the area of ​​expertise and the objectives of each person. There are several recognized and awarded NGOs in different areas, such as human rights, environment, health, education, among others. It is important to research and know the work done by each organization before choosing the best to support or get involved.

Explanation about NGO according to the Bible

The Bible does not directly mention NGOs, for this term is a modern creation. However, the Bible encourages the practice of charity, social justice and care for others, which may be related to the principles that guide the work of NGOs.

Explanation on NGO According to Spiritism

In Spiritism, the practice of good and helping others are fundamental values. NGOs can be seen as instruments of love and charity, which seek to promote actions of social aid and transformation, according to the spiritist principles.

Explanation on NGO according to Tarot, Numerology, Horoscope and Signs

Tarot, numerology, horoscope and signs do not have a specific explanation of NGOs. These practices are more related to the interpretation of personal events and characteristics, not the functioning or meaning of social organizations. P>

Explanation about NGO according to candomblé and umbanda

In Candomblé and Umbanda, the practice of charity and solidarity are important values. NGOs can be seen as instruments of social aid and transformation, which are aligned with the principles of these religions.

Explanation on NGO according to spirituality

In spirituality, the practice of good, charity and help to others are essential values. NGOs can be seen as ways of putting these principles into practice, promoting social transformation actions and helping those who need it most.


After addressing various aspects about the meaning and functioning of NGOs, we can conclude that these organizations play a key role in society, promoting social, environmental, cultural, educational actions, among others. They act independently of the government, seeking resources and partnerships to develop their projects and achieve their goals. NGOs can be found in various places and areas, and each person can choose the best organization to support or get involved according to their values ​​and interests.

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