Meaning of the word

The term “core” refers to the core, nucleus or central point of something. It is the most essential, deep and intimate part of an object, idea or feeling.

Origin of the word

The word “core” originates in the Latin “amalgam”, which means “substance that is obtained by fusion of two or more metals”. Over time, the term has been used to refer to the core or essence of something.

Word adverbs

Adverbs related to the word “core” are: deeply, essentially, intimately.

Conjunctions of the word

There are no specific conjunctions related to the word “core”.

Synonyms of the word

Some synonyms of “core” are: essence, nucleus, core, center, core, heart.

Word Definitions

  1. Deep and essential part of something.
  2. central point or core of an idea or feeling.

Phrases that the word applies

– The core of the question is to understand customer needs.

– The core of discussion is the lack of communication between the parties.

– The core of the literary work is the social criticism present between the lines.

Examples of the word in text

In the core of the forest, there was an unparalleled beauty.

Upon understanding the core of the problem, it was possible to find the proper solution.

The core of the question is to understand the motivations behind the actions.

Rhymes with the word

core – cuddle, lake, I bring, vague.

Anagrams with the word

no anagrams were found with the word “core”.

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