Meaning of the word

Fumed core is an expression that means something essential or fundamental that has been damaged or compromised.

Origin of the word

The word “core” originates in the Latin “Amāgus”, which means “core” or “essence”. Already the term “boring” derives from the verb “drill”, which indicates the action of drilling or making a hole in something. The junction of these words results in the expression “core”, which represents the idea of ​​something essential that has been damaged.

Word adverbs

– Deep
– irrevocably
– Totally

Conjunctions of the word

– But
– Although

Synonyms of the word

– Committed essence
– Damaged core
– Impaired foundation

Word Definitions

– State of something essential that has been damaged or compromised.
– Situation where the fundamental part of something is impaired.

Phrases that the word applies

– The Project’s Frame Creation has compromised its viability.
– The economic crisis left the company’s core.
The betrayal shaken the core of the relationship.

Examples of the word in text

The core of the issue is the lack of investment in education.

Corruption left the core of the political system.

The financial crisis has reached the core of the country’s economy.

Rhymes with the word

– Lean
– Largo
– Bitter
– Embargo

Anagrams with the word

– Hole
– Hole
– Yellow hole
– hole-ogadma

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