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Eclipse time today

If you are curious to know what eclipse time today, you came to the right place! In this blog, we will provide you with all the necessary information about today’s eclipse time.

What is an eclipse?

Eclipse occurs when the light of a celestial body is blocked by another heavenly body. In the case of solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sunlight, creating a shadow on Earth. In the case of lunar eclipse, the earth blocks the sunlight that would normally illuminate the moon.

How to discover today’s eclipse time?

There are several ways to discover today’s eclipse time. One option is to consult a reliable astronomy site, which usually provides accurate information about the times of astronomical events. In addition, you can also use mobile applications specializing in astronomy, which usually have a calendar with eclipses times.

Example of Reliable Astronomy Site:

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Example of Astronomy Cell Phone Application:

Why is it important to know the eclipse time?

Knowing the eclipse time is important for those who want to observe this unique astronomical phenomenon. In addition, the eclipse time can also vary depending on its geographical location, so it is essential to have this accurate information so as not to lose this amazing event.

Curiosities on Eclipses

  1. There are different types of eclipses, such as total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and total lunar eclipse.
  2. Total solar eclipses are considered rare and can only be seen in a narrow track of Earth.
  3. Total lunar eclipses are more common and can be seen from various parts of the world.
  4. Eclipses have fascinated people throughout history and many cultures have myths and legends associated with them.


Discovering today’s eclipse time is an easy task with the right tools. Consulting reliable astronomy sites or using specialized astronomy mobile apps are great options for getting this information. Remember that the eclipse time may vary depending on your geographical location, so always check the specific information for your region. Enjoy this unique astronomical event and enjoy the beauty of the eclipses!

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