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What is the time of the Corinthians game?

If you are a Corinthians fan, you have certainly wondered what the time of your heart team’s next game is. After all, following live matches is one of the best ways to demonstrate your support and vibrate with each scored goal.


To know the time of the next Corinthians game, it is important to be aware of the Brazilian Championship, Copa do Brasil Games table or any other competition in which the team is participating. This information is released by the responsible bodies and also by the communication vehicles.

In addition, you can easily find this information on the internet, on sports sites or even official Corinthians social networks. These sources usually make available the date, time and place of departure, as well as other relevant information.

How to follow the Corinthians game live?

There are several ways to follow the Corinthians game live. One option is to watch the match on television in channels that broadcast the team games. Another option is to listen to radio transmission, in broadcasters that make sports coverage.

In addition, many fans choose to watch games over the internet on streaming platforms that make live broadcast available. This is a practical and affordable option that allows you to track the game anywhere, using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

It is important to emphasize that, due to broadcasting rights, not all Corinthians games are broadcast live on open television. Therefore, it is always good to check what will be the form of transmission of the game you want to watch.

  1. Check the Corinthians game table;
  2. Write down the date, time and place of departure;
  3. Choose the form of transmission that best suits your preferences;
  4. Get ready to cheer and vibrate with your heart team!


01/08/2022 20h00 Corinthians Stadium
05/08/2022 16h00 Adversary Stadium
10/08/2022 9:30 pm Corinthians Stadium

Now that you know how to find out the time of the next Corinthians game and how to follow the live match, just prepare to cheer and support your heart team. Let’s go together in search of victory!

Click here to access the official website of Corinthians and get more information about the team, players, results and more .

Source: corinthians.com.br

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